Downloads for Windows

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If you have a B&W Mini vMac (System 6.08 disk image), here are the 3 .dsk files.

(Generously donated by Ben Jacobs-Swearingen.)


The Fool’s Errand

At the Carnival

3 in Three

all three games

With moderate fuss, you can play the original Fool, Carnival, and Three using the official forever version of Executor. If you already have an expired version of Executor, uninstall it and then download this new version.


Downloading Games

Create a new folder on your main hard drive (not the desktop).

Download the .ZIP archive of the games and then EXTRACT the files.
(If necessary, download the free PKZIP Reader.)

The files are already prepped for Executor and will look something like this.

Installing Executor

Download the forever Executor Emulator.

*Windows Vista/Windows 7, right-click Executor and choose “Run as Administrator.”

With Windows XP, however, simply double-click to run.

Use the serial number 99991004 and the authentication key n9rk57f369byp.
(Alas, you need to type these in manually. No copying and pasting.)

Launch Executor Win32 Demo (not the full screen version).

*Windows Vista/Windows 7, “Run as Administrator” is for registration only.
For future play, simply double-click to run.

Press ALT-SHIFT-5 to get this dialog box. Make these adjustments.

IMPORTANTPress before you press .

        Click the File Cabinet icon...                                      ... and file cabinets appear along the top.


Double-click the correct file cabinet to open your hard drive.

Double-click to open your game folder. Now the Macintosh icons appear.

Executor has some peculiar ideas about file launching so follow these guidelines.

To view The Fool’s Errand — Prologue, double-click    

To play The Fool’s Errand, double-click not

To view The Fool’s Errand — Finale, double-click not

To play At the Carnival, double-click not

To play 3 in Three, double-click not

Executor Quirks

If you double-click any data file, it launches the proper application, however, it never loads that data into that application.

Instead, once inside an application, you need to load the data file manually by using the File Menu and Open command and dialogue box.

Note the gray pattern aberration along the right edge.

Also, the space character is mysteriously missing from the font alphabet.

There is limited application memory in Executor. This doesn’t affect game play or functionality, however, in 3 in Three, it does cause annoying bitmap echoes.

If Executor crashes just as you solve the Sun’s Map, here’s a saved game to recover.

Problems? Then right-click the link and “Save Target As...”